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My games of Moscow Open2008-06-22 18:45:32
Moscow Open was played at June 12-15. I had not time to write about my games during the tournament. So, I do it now.

Moscow Open was played by the Rejection system. The new certified rules - Soosorv, Taraguchi and Yamaguchi were used. If a player had not a dan then he/she had the right to ...
Ando Meritee2008-06-23 18:45:54
Yuriy's blog is very, very good! I read his articles many times. I suggest everyone to study his comments on games. There is a lot to learn for everybody!
Norihiko Kawamura2008-07-22 11:22:06
It is very interesting! Thank you!
I am writting this article in Renju-Sekai (translated into Japanese, but  need enough time^^)
Most Japanese want to know how to play rejection-system and Taraguchi-rule.
This kind of article can help Japanese to recognize Russian plareys.
I will also show you Japanese topics soon.
Yuriy Tarannikov2008-07-22 12:24:23
Thank you, Norihiko!

It will be nice if articles about new opening rules will be published in Renju-Sekai!

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