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My Chinese lessons in Taipei2008-02-14 23:08:04
I have been studying Chinese language in Taipei for quite some time, and the level is getting hard and harder for me. The books are getting more difficult too, sometimes giving me a headache. Currently I am stying the textbook about News Readings. The day before yesterday, I had to write a short ...
Renu2008-02-14 23:33:03
Ando Meritee2008-02-14 23:38:04
Thanks Renu! I can learn better writing from your article! :)
Yung-Hsuan Chien2008-02-14 23:39:13
Nice composition!
What a mercy that...I'm not a young guy...HOHOHO

fiona2008-02-18 18:03:39
人们总说一代不如一代,但我想每代人都有他们压力.他们会遇到挫折, 在抒解压力的过程中,会有茫茫然,忧郁,憔悴,脆弱等倾向.但我们更应该从他们身上发现属于这个时代明显的特征.属于他们面对世界坚强的一面.
Ando Meritee2008-02-18 18:38:03
Wow, so great article! These 9 words can be used in many ways, indeed. Thanks, Fiona. :)
beclaire2008-02-18 20:42:56
現代的年輕人常面臨壓力紓解不良的問題. 很明顯的, 現在的物質環境比以前好得多, 因此這些孩子通常是要什麼就有什麼, 很少被拒絕, 也沒有真的嚐過失敗的滋味, 個性上也比較脆弱. 所以當他們一但面臨挫折, 就會茫茫然不知所措 , 容易憔悴而一蹶不振,進而造成憂鬱的傾向. 現代的父母親應該重視這個問題, 教育孩子面對問題的態度, 而不是一昧的溺愛, 不要讓這個社會有ㄧ代不如一代的遺憾.
Ando Meritee2008-02-18 21:00:38
I learned so many new words and expressions from this article, and even one useful Chinese idiom "Once fallen, does not rise again". Big, big thanks!!
ckck2009-08-03 17:04:16
Thaís comento2016-07-18 21:50:44
Thaís comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 00:42.                                                                                         Gostei! Achei que eu fosse a única a achar que babyliss de salão fca com cara de vovó! Ainda beeeem que a Júlia ensina pra gente!! ahahhaE Jana, adoreeei o ItiohrPnba! ;D

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