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Organizers manual for renju Team World Championships2008-02-07 00:22:11
I am currently writing a bachelor´s degree theses about project management. The thesis has a theoretical part and a project part. The project part is creating a manual for organizers of future TWC events.

At the moment I have written about 15 pages about TWC organizing.. I plan on ...
Ales Rybka2008-02-16 03:13:18
Hi Jussi,

I can read. It might help me too :-)
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-16 05:50:55
Cheers Ales, I sure appreciate your help.. :D
Jussi Ikonen2008-11-01 01:17:10

Been preparing for the manual occationally after the event and now it is in rather good shape.

I will return my thesis soon, so if anyone wishes to read the manual through and give fedback I would highly appreciate it.. :)

I have now uploaded the most recent versions of both the manual and the theory part (project management) online:

Cheers! :)

Jussi Ikonen2008-12-18 22:12:03
The manual (and the thesis) is now completed. I have published the thesis paper in whole to the articles -section.

I got the second highest grade for this paper (4/5) and I am very pleased of the results. Creating a document in my third language (yes, Swedish should be my second) was very challenging and also much rewarding. I thank everyone who contributed to the process and wish the manual will become a useful tool to the future organizers.


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