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Interesting balance of RIF rules games2008-04-06 16:17:42
There are over 8000 games played by RIF rule in RenjuNet database.

An interesting thing to conclude is that swap rule gives a nice balance to the game.
Thanks to swap rule, black won 43.5% of games, white won 45.8%, and the remaining games ...
Ando Meritee2008-04-10 01:23:16
Even though the sum of all results adds up to be nicely balanced, there are several funny records if you just look into the game statistics table closely.


Look down to the bottom where the i13 opening is. According to the played games, this opening is 100% black win. :)) A beginner might make a false judgment from reading this statistic. :)

Maybe you think it is a database error and it is impossible that all the i13 games ended with black win. To satisfy your curiosity, do this:

Go to "Games" page, then click "Advanced Search!" there, then select "i13 opening" and "RIF rule" and you will find those black win games.

It was also funny that in one of the games a preliminary white player actually swapped, and then won the game as black. What a confident decision! :P

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