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Chinese team's visa problem2008-04-24 13:20:38
I just read from forum about yesterday's news that Wu Di was just refused to get visa for participating in TWC in Finland in Finnish Embassy in China. I do not know the details, but it seems like a very tragic and serious situation.

I wonder how it can be solved? Can Finland ...
Lijing Sun2008-04-24 15:13:04
It was solved already!
Aivo Oll2008-04-24 16:05:10
Glad to hear that, it would have been a shame if the world champion could not participate and therefore the whole team.
Dmitry Epifanov2008-04-24 20:36:56
I have problems too: seems that Finnish consulate in Moscow willn't issue visa for me and my wife in time =(
Chenwei2008-04-25 00:33:13
Wudi will get his visa in tomorrow morning.Thanks for all to care it.
Ando Meritee2008-04-25 01:08:22
So glad that Wu Di can go to Finland!

I hope Dmitry can also solve the visa matter successfully. Even if delayed, hopefully still can get it on Monday and join the team then.
Kari Haikonen2008-04-25 01:19:14
Dmitry, if you are reading this blog, please check your e-mail as soon as possible.
Dmitry Epifanov2008-04-25 22:35:48
I don't have visa yet. Maybe if I get it on Monday, I will fly to Helsinki in the evening and will play from 3rd round... We will see =(

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