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Encouraging the young players to join YWC2008-05-14 23:03:32
Dear parents or teachers of young renju players - this summer the Youth World Championship will take place in Estonia. It will be a wonderful event and I hope more youngsters will join it from all over the world. I especially hope to see more young players from farther places like China, Japan, USA, etc.

In order to encourage you to join, I will personally attend this event during the days of YWC, and I will be willing to play friendly training games one by one, with all of you. I am not playing renju much these years, so it will be a good chance for young players to play games with me during YWC. After every game, I help you review the game, and find out the mistakes (also my mistakes).

I hope the young renju fans will then have double motivation to join the YWC this summer. I hope to see you all there! With Chinese young players, I promise to speak in Chinese language, so there will be no language barrier.

More information about the YWC:

The organizers can send the visa invitation to both the young player and the accompanying teachers or parents.

I hope some Chinese friends can also publish this invitation in Chinese renju forums. Thank you! :)

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