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Moscow Cup. 1/2 vs. Kazarin (3rd game)2008-04-12 20:05:57
This Saturday (April 12) I played the 3rd game of my semifinal match of Moscow Cup versus Mikhail Kazarin. The rejection part was almost the same as in the first game with a small transposition. I rejected RIF rules. Mikhail rejected Taraguchi rules. I rejected Sakata rules (since in two other remained rules I could control the opening more completely). Mikhail rejected Yamaguchi rules. Jonsson rules were the only remained rules. So, the game was played by Jonsson rules.

I thought during some time which opening to put. I considered some possibilities but as a result I had decided to put the same opening as in the first game, i. e. Direct 13. Usually I try to avoid the same opening in adjacent games in latest tournaments by new rules in order to surprise the opponent. Moreover, I demostrated to Mikhail correct 5th moves after our 1st game in the case of 4-g10 that is the most complicated move here. Nevertheless, I had decided that the sharp style of Direct 13 is the most improper style for my opponent now and he is not ready enough for it.    
I was right. The reminiscence of the first game was very unpleasant for Mikhail and he decided to make his own move by any way.  

The way chosen by Mikhail was not good. He played 4-j7 and declared two fifth alternatives. I had a significant advantage even after three 5th moves here.
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The game had finished very soon. Black has a forced win after 9-12 but 9-9 is sufficient for an easy win too. Mikhail resigned at the 15th move.

In the final match of Moscow Cup I will play versus the winner of other semifinal match Mikhailov - Makarov.

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