News No. 242, 2008-04-04
Published by Olga Skuridina

May 3 2008, Helsinki, Finland

1. Opening of the Extra General Assembly.

2. Election of the Chairman of the Extra General Assembly.

3. Election of the Secretary for the Extra General Assembly.

4. Election of three persons who should check the protocol.

5. Election of three scrutineers who should count the votes, if necessary.

6. Approval of the agenda.

7. Roll call.

8. Adoption of new members, if any. The new members do have the right
to vote at the Extra General Assembly from now on.

9. Reports from the President, the Treasurer and the Commissions.

10. Proposal from the President.
I propose that we should adopt the so called Yamaguchi Rule as an additional opening rule for a trial period of three years, from May 3 2008 to September 1 2011.  During the period this opening rule should be used in WC 2009 and 2011, TWC 2010 and e-mail championships 2009, 2010 and 2011. In all other tournaments during the period the organizers can choose the new opening rule or the current opening rule. Games with both kind of rules should be counted in the RIF rating list.

At the General Assembly 2011 an evaluation of the additional opening rule should be made together with a decision if we can choose the new opening rule as a permanent one, alone or together with the current opening rule.

Reason for the proposal.
I believe that it is necessary that RIF make a decision in this matter now. The situation is not good now. Players all over the world do not know what will happen. Tournaments are held with different opening rules and I think that the situation can get out of control and the renju world in worst case will be separated in fractions, each fraction playing with its own opening rule and not with any other. Of course such situation can mean also a split in RIF.

RIF must be strong and united in this matter. It is absolutely necessary that we look forward and not backward. We can discuss what opening rule which is the best for many many years without coming to a conclusion. All opinions can not be satisfied. We must find an opening rule to agree upon, even if it is not our favourite one.

The Yamaguchi rule after all gives some new playable variants, making the top level tournaments more interesting. After the trial period it is a possibility to vote no if  you do not think that the opening rule is not good enough. It is tested in serious tournaments and after a period of three years it must be quite easy to evaluate it.

11. The Gomoku Commission asks for some extra time to prepare the proposal for an opening rule for Gomoku together with a suggestion how a European Championship can be arranged. The proposal will be published  by latest on April 10 2008.

12.  Closing of the Extra General Assembly.

Peter Jonsson, President

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