News No. 329, 2011-07-10
Published by Stefan Karlsson

1. Opening of the General Assembly.

2. Election of the Chairman of the General Assembly.

3. Election of the Secretary for the General Assembly.

4. Election of three persons who should check the protocol.

5. Election of three scrutineers who should count the votes, if necessary.

6. Approval of the agenda.

7. Roll call.

8. Adoption of new members, if any. The new members do have the right to vote at the General Assembly from now on.

9. Reports from the President, the Treasurer and the Auditor.

10. Approval of the work of the Central Committee for the last two years.

11. Budget and membership fees.

12. Election of the Central Committee.

13. The places for future RIF official championships.
a) Team World Championship in Renju 2012
b) European Championship in Gomoku and Renju 2012
c) Youth World Championship in Renju 2012
d) World Championship in Gomoku and Renju 2013

14. Reports from the Commissions.

15. Election of the Commissions.

16. Proposals from the Estonian Federation

Estonian Renju Union have discussed matters related with veto, what can be used by RIF Founder Members. We believe that veto right like it is RIF statute right now is not democratic.
So, we have 2 variants of changes to propose:

1) (suggested by Aivo Oll) A veto can be used by the founding member only if the voting results are between 50 and 75%, these numbers included.

2) Same we suggested 3 years ago - A veto can be used only by 2 founding members together.

17. Proposals from the Chinese Federation

1.  Na Wei, the chairman of RIFCHINA, campaigns for the Deputy-President of RIF

2. RIFCHINA solemnly reiterates that the 9th Renju World Team Championships shall be hold in Beijing in 2012.

3.  RIFCHINA’s approaches for testing adoption of new LianHuan open rule

From Beginning, the black stone and white stone be made moves alternately. The opening of a game (first 5 moves), when it is your turn to move, you have two ways of choice, either one move of turn to color or couple moves (a black & a white). If you make one move then your opponent has to turn to another color stone. If you make couple moves, your opponent can swap right (make move(s) or not). From 6th move the Black and White will be finalize, until end the game.
LianHuan(LH) rule has designed consult basic principles of Dai Xiaohan strategy rule by Sun Lijing, i.e. after a couple moves made, the opponent can choice black or white. And enlist supporting from RIFCHINA strongly and support from teacher Zhang Tieliang. We took a lot of statistics sample and data for further analysis via experiment games of some scopes and times. We also got the viewpoint of players at the same time.

The LH rule is not reconstitute drawing for open rules, just convert a expatiation on thought to various rules, to commentate its more simplified. The LH rule has 21 kinds of models. The original "five in a row" make moves one by one is one of LH rule models, to applicable to beginner or the public's amusement. The active RIF rule, it is cannot alter that Black (the player with the black stones) begins the game by making a move in the middle of the board. The 26 patterns can be comprehended for moves 2-3 couple give right to opponent for choice. The trialing Sakata rule can be comprehend for moves 4-5 couple give to opponent exchangeability. Therefore, LH rule is great to comprehensive. The studied achievement all can be use on LH rule, and great increase amount of variable and calculation.

The both sides of game on the LH rule opening cannot control situation independently, and greatly increasing the opening uncertainty. The rule avoided "home study" bug that before the match to study and memorize some of formulary to keep un-lose. The rule transform allow choose color unconditional on the particular opportune moment into conditional on couple. To do choose color at most 2 times, it avoid exchanges many times.

The LH rule for beginner or amusement players, who make little of couple or choose, they usually make move step by step without exchange. That becomes the original “five in a row”, which is no forbidden or other rules, and will always win with an unbroken row with five stones. That means, LH rule can as simple as the original “five in a row”. That is no other rule can compare with! This is important because a good rule has to have enough people accepted and liked to play with. And these beginners and those for entertainment are the vast majority of the total renju player population. Renju needs to develop and starts from the grassroots. Good rules must be accepted by the vast majority of people, not only in a small part of the circle of the nobility players. Otherwise, renju will never be really developed.

The LH rule have no the controlled bound on the board from start of game, but it is unlikely decentralization from center to sides. So, it will not affect the entertaining and interest of renju.

It is seemed there are no limits to make moves in LH rule, but the invisible limit falls in rationality. Renju's spirit is "connect", that means the same color stones cannot be too far away with each other, and should have some space too. The control skills of this depend on the understanding of renju, the depth of mastering. We can figure his renju level out by his moves, if he is a beginner or a stronger player.

The every moves are available on the LH rule, it embodied specialty fully that wuziqi (renju) have never take out stones. (The classical rule have an invalid 5th move, the Yamaguchi rule have n-1 invalid 5th moves).
The LH rule was designed for Renju, but be applicable to Gomoku without forbidden moves and size of board (19*19). It is good not only for the rigor and ornamental of renju players' tournaments but also for renju development and popularity.

The LH rule will help players to understand and even take the dialectical relationship between the making couple moves and exchange colors. First of all, the couple moves rule is different from the other rules, it is made completely out of voluntary. Only when the player find it is disbennifit for him/her, he/she will make the couple moves, in order to change the unfavorable situation; Suppose there is no exchange after the couple moves, the one who plays the couple moves will soon get a very good situations of his/her own. If there is an exchange, he/she can only balance the game, and in this case, it just depends if it is good to make the couple moves. That means, it is a protective for his advantage situation on the board who has the right to choose, it is a risk for the one who make couple moves. The player will not make couple moves unless it is necessary, and he/she will not make it if the game is in a balance situation, not mention he/she is in favour situation. In this way, it also effectively limits the abuse of rights making couple moves.

The reform of the renju opening rules is related to the stability of the renju player population, otherwise as the bulge of renju formularies, renju fans interests will be reduced. At the same time, simplifying the rules more conducive to the promotion renju, the expansion of the unknown changes is easier to attract the curiosity of the beginners and top players to study.

4. Chen Wei from RIFCHINA campaigns for the commissioner of RIF Regulation Committee

5. Sun Lijing, editor of RIFCHINA website and webmaster of Lijing Renju Classroom, campaigns for the commissioner of RIF Internet Committee

6. Yin Licheng from RIFCHINA campaigns for the commissioner of RIF Youth Committee

7、Yao Yongzhi from RIFCHINA campaigns for the commissioner of RIF Judge Committee

8. Suggestions on maintaining the scrupulousness of grading according to different ranks

① To be scrupulous on audit, only the competitions held by the institutions of RIF and RIF member states have the right to adopt the system of grading according to different ranks

② To be scrupulous on application, only the institutions of RIF and RIF member states have the right to apply for the adoption of the system of grading according to different ranks

③ To be scrupulous on applying the system, only the members of the institutions of RIF and RIF member states have the right to apply the system of grading according to different ranks

9. For the application for admission to The World Sports Federations, after which RIF has the right to take Renju as one of the events of the World Mind Sports Games, we present the proposal of establishing the Organizing Committee.

18. Closing of the General Assembly

Peter Jonsson, President of RIF

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