News No. 357, 2014-01-05
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Happy New Year, friends!

Very  preliminary information about Renju EC 2014:
Playing place: Tallinn University of Technology, Ehitajate tee (Ehitajate road) 5, Student House (same building where we played WC 2013 QT and BT)
Accommodation: Academic hostel, Akadeemia tee 11 (same as during WC2013, check their new homepage:,
price is a bit higher - 27.20 euro per DBL-room. You can live in room alone, if you book it enough early, before May 1-st. At the moment hostel is booked for dates June 24.-July 3., if you need to stay longer, please try to tell to organisers early. July 4.-6. will be big Song Festival in Tallinn and its difficult to find accommodation.

Opening rule: Taraguchi-7
Preliminary schedule:
June. 25th - Arrival of participants
June 26th-June 28th – 1.-6. rounds of EC
June 29th Blitz (ren-renju with mixed pairs?)
June 30th – July 2nd – rounds 7.-11.
Tournament fee – 30 euro, for students and pupils 20 euro.
We are also planing Open tournament. Preliminary dates – June 28th-July 1st.
Tournament fee in Open – 20 euro, for students and pupils 15 euro.
NB! Tournament system, opening rules and places divided by countries are not confirmed yet by RIF Sport Commission.

I bring you also results of Tallinn Open. In renju tournament lotting system I used was very specific, so top3 were unexpected:
1. Vladimir Sushkov, RUS 7
2. Arseni Pestov, RUS 5
3. Kristofer Lohmus, EST 5
Full table is here:

In gomoku tournament Sushkov was same confident and won with 7 points.
2. Victor Balabhai 5,5   3. Vladimir Filinov 5,5

One more information, we will have Kawamura Cup already February 8.-9. All players are welcome, Opening rule is Taraguchi-10, 7 rounds in Swiss will be played, Time control is 30 minutes+15 sec.

Friendly, Ants


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