News No. 360, 2014-04-03
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Playing place:
Tallinn University of Technology, Ehitajate tee 5, Student House (where was played WC 2013 QT and BT)

Academic hostel, Akadeemia tee 11 (same as in WC2013, they have new homepage:,
price for renjuplayers - 27.20 euro for DBL room, possibility to live alone.

Approximate schedule:
June. 25th - arrival, opening ceremony
June 26th-June 28th – 1.-6. rounds of EC
June 29th Blitz (ren-renju with mixed pairs?)
June 30th – July 2nd – rounds 7.-11.
Tournament fee – 30 euro, for students  20 euro.

Time control 120 min per player + 30 sec per move

We have modified system for selecting players to REC.

1) European players in top 50 of  World rating list (by 2014, April 1-st), who have played at least 10 rated games during 2013, April 1.- 2014.,March 31.  have personal places.
So they are:
Tunnet Taimla, Vladimir Sushkov, Ants Soosyrv, Aivo Oll, Yuriy Tarannikov, Dmitry Epifanov.
2)  Countries have: Top 15 from previous REC, as it was before (as Mr. Kawamura was in top 15, Russia will get one seat for 16th place in )
3)  RIF countries have 5 national places, non-RIF countries 3 places.
4) Organising country have 3 extra places
5) Each federation can send also so called "freeplayers", who will pay extra tournament fee - 100% more for RIF and 100% for sending federation (federation can not take this money).
For example, if Russian player who havent qualified in Russia want to join EC in Estonia, he/she should pay 60 or 90 euro instead of 30. 30 euro of that will go to organisers , 30 to RIF and if Russian Renju Association wants, they will take 30 euro as well.
6) RBT winner 2012 Mr. Kartashev has personal place

So, Russia has 17 seats (+4 personal)
Estonia 11 (+3 personal)
Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland 5 seats, other countries 3 seats

We will have also EC open tournament June 28.-July 1.
Approximate schedule:
June 28th  rounds 1.-3.
June 29th Blitz (ren-renju with mixed pairs?)
June.30-July 1. rounds 4.-9.
Time control 60 min per player + 30 sec per move
Tournament fee: 20 euro, 15 euro for student

Organising Committee:
Chairman - Ants Soosyrv, + 372 56 69 73 82,
Vice-chairman - Anu Nutt -, +37256497861
Vice-chairman - Toomas Tiivel -, + 372 51 69481

Please send your registration to us (your name, surname, rank, accommodation and visa wishes) before May 1-st, for Open before May 20.
If you need accommodation before of after June 25. and July 2., please inform us as soon as possible.

Friendly, Ants

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