News No. 362, 2014-05-28
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends!

Information about Renju EC 2014:
Playing place: Tallinn University of Technology, Ehitajate tee (Ehitajate road) 5, Student House (same building where we played WC 2013 QT and BT)
Accommodation: Academic hostel, Akadeemia tee 11 (same as during WC2013, check their new homepage:, Price for room for renjuplayers is 27.20 EUR per day.
Tournament Fee – 30 EUR, for students 20 EUR
Deadline of Registration – June 1-st. Please contact me about registration to tournament and accommodation before June 1-st –, +37256697382. If you are not sure about your participation, still please contact me.

Opening rule: Taraguchi-7
Time control - 120 minutes per player + 30 seconds Fisher
Preliminary schedule:
June. 25th - Arrival of participants,
18.00 - Opening Ceremony and Lotting
June 26th 9.00 – 1st Round
15.00 – 2nd Round
June 27th 9.00 – 3rd Round
15.00 – 4th Round
June 28th 9.00 – 5th Round
15.00 – 6th Round
June 29th 11.00 Blitz , rules and system is not decided yet.
June 30th 7th 9.00 – 7th Round
15.00 – 8th Round
July 1st 9.00 – 9th Round
15.00 – 10th Round
July 2nd 9.00 – 11th Round
16.00 – Closing Ceremony

Registrated players list at the moment:
From Russia: Egor Serdjukov, Roman Kruchok, Deniss Fedotov, Pavel Salnikov, Viktor Balabai, Vladimir Filinov, Olga Kurdina, Irina Metreveli, Maksim Karasjov, Pavel Makarov, Nonna Salnikova, Aleksandr Lisutin, Ilja Katsev (freeplayer)
Finland: Jussi Ikonen
Sweden: Peter Jonsson
Belorussia: Oleg Mostovlyanski?
Estonia: Ants Soosyrv, Martin Hobemagi, Johann Lents, Villem Mesila, Georg-Romet Topkin, Argo Lillemaa, Kristofer Lohmus, Tuuli Tiivel, Kuno Kolk, Erko Olumets, Deniss Orlov, Brenet Rahumagi

EC Open tournament will held June 28th-July 1st. Exact schedule is not decided yet.
Tournament fee in Open – 20 euro, for students and pupils 15 euro.


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