News No. 368, 2015-05-25
Published by Pavel Salnikov

Dear renju friends,

We are glad to invite you to take part in XIV World Championship in Renju and Gomoku! The tournament will take place in the town of Suzdal, Vladimir region, Russia.

Suzdal is located on the Kamenka River, 26 kilometers from the city of Vladimir, the administrative center of the region. Suzdal is an ancient town, so called "open air museum", part of the Golden Ring of Russia. There are unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries, including Kremlin, monasteries, cathedrals, and churches.

Suzdal is situated about 200 kilometers eastwards of Moscow, and it is possible to get there in 2 hours by express suburb train.

The competition is to be held in GTK Suzdal (Main Tourist's Center). It is a big hotel complex which includes 199 guest rooms and 97 town-houses, and can receive up to 750 persons at the same time. Also there are many different comfortable conference-halls for any kind of meetings.

Approximate price for 1 place in 2-places room will be 1800 RUB per day. That price includes 3-times meal, and visits to swimming-pool and/or gymnasium in the morning time.

GTK Suzdal has already received many renju competitions such as Vladimir Open tournaments, Russian High League tournaments and European Championship. We invite everybody to come there and enjoy the main renju and gomoku festival of 2-year cycle by the name of World Championship!

Preliminary time-table:

02.08 Sun – Arrival of QT participants and casting of lots
03.08 Mon – 1-2 rounds of QT
04.08 Tue – 3-5 rounds of QT
05.08 Wed – 6-7 rounds of QT
06.08 Thu – Arrival of AT, WT and BT participants, Opening Ceremony
07.08 Fri – 1-2 rounds of AT, WT and BT
08.08 Sat – 3-4 rounds of AT, WT and BT
09.08 Sun – 5-6 rounds of AT, WT and BT
10.08 Mon – RIF General Assembly, Suzdal sightseeing
11.08 Tue – 7-8 rounds of AT, WT and BT
12.08 Wed – 9-10 rounds of AT, 9 round of WT and BT
13.08 Thu – 11 round of AT, Closing Ceremony

Tournament fee is:
- 30 EUR for participation in all the competitions,
- 20 EUR for single BT,
- 15 EUR for single QT.

After our competition Vladimir Open tournament in shogi will be held at the same place during 3 days (14-16.08). Everybody who also likes that game is welcome to stay and take part!

All additional information you can find soon at

See you in Suzdal!

Pavel Salnikov

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