News No. 392, 2017-08-13
Published by Ants Soosõrv


Dear friends!

15th Renju World Championship in Taipei City have ended! Thanks to organisers for their great job!
In final Vladimir Sushkov showed very confident play and won with 9,5 points (8 wins, 3 draws). Zhu Jianfeng, who won 8 games in a row (from 2nd to 9th round was second and Lin Hsu-Hsuan 3rd


1. Vladimir Sushkov (Russia) 9,5
2. Zhu Jianfeng (China) 8
3. Lin Hsu-Hsuan (Chinese Taipei) 7,5
4. Shigeru Nakamura (Japan) 7
5. Qi Guan (China) 6,5
6. Shunsuke Kamiya (Japan) 6,5
7. Tomoharu Nakayama (Japan) 5
8. Mei Fan (China) 5
9. Lin Huang-yu (Chinese Taipei)   4
10. Lin Liu-Min (Chinese Taipei) 3,5
11. Chou Huang Yu-Chien (Chinese Taipei) 2
12. Pavel Makarov (Russia) 1,5

Before it held really tough qualification tournament, Vladimir Sushkov reached to final thanks for some luck, getting better coeficent in last minute than Tang Kai Lam (for example Vladimir need to thank Peter Jonsson who refused to make draw with Brenet Rahumagi and finally lost.

1. Tomoharu Nakayama 6
2. Mei Fan 5
3. Lin Huang-yu 5
4. Chou Huang Yu-Chien 5
5. Vladimir Sushkov 5 25;  17,5
6. Tang Kai Lam 5  25; 17,25

Female World Championship was also very interesting, like in men’s tournament 2 best players meet in last round.

1. Chien Yung-Hsuan (Chinese Taipei)  9
2. Wang Qingqing (China) 8
3. Liu Xun (China) 7
4. Wu Zhiqin (China) 6,5
5. Lin Chiao-Ying (Chinese Taipei)   6
6. Kira Lashko (Russia) 5,5
7. Ke Fang-Ying (Chinese Taipei)   4
8. Irina Metreveli (Russia) 3
9. Sung Pei-Jung (Chinese Taipei)   2,5
10. Daria Iusupmurzina (Russia) 2
11. Yang Hsiao-yu (Chinese Taipei)   1,5

In B-tournament 3 best (achieving to get personal places in next QT:

1. Tang Kai Lam (Macao) 7,5
2. Liu Yang (China) 6,5
3. Koyama Jun (Japan) 6,5

Blitz tournament best were:
1. Wai Chan Keyong 8
2. Lu Wei-yuan 7
3. Lin Hsu-Hsuan 5

Full results you can see here:
Games are in (Ando remade system, now you dont need Java to look the games, also convinient to use android phones)

Renju International General Assembly was also held, Aug. 12, in Taipei.
Soon it will uploaded to .

Friendly, Ants

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