News No. 393, 2017-11-03
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends,

Some interesting tournaments have played after World Championships:

Japanese 55 Meijinsen Tournament , Sept. 16.-18.

Tomoharu Nakayama won the tournament with amazing results, he won all 9 games!
2. Shunshuke Kamiya 8
3. Hiroshi Okabe 7

Games are avaiable to see here:

Currently Nakayama-san is playing Meijinsen Match with Nakamura-san and is leading 1,5:05 -

Mr. Zhu Jianfeng won China National Classic (Oct. 4.-8.) also with brilliant result,
with 10 points out of 11 :

1. Zhu Jianfeng 10
2. Qi Guan 8
3. Liu Yang 7,5
4. Lan Zhiren 7
5. Cao Dong 7
6. Jiang Qiwen 6
7. Yang Yanxi 5,5
8. Zhu Tianyi 5
9. Yin Lincheng 3,5
10. Mei Fan 3,5
11. Zhang Jiguo 3
12. Zhan Liyang 0

Women group:

1. Li Xiaoqing 6
2. Dong Xiaoli 5
3. wang Qingqing 4,5
4. Liu Xun 4
5. Wang Yelin 4
6. Cheng Yanzhen 2,5
7. Wu Zhiqin 2
8. Zhu Jiayi 0

Mr. Zhu Jianfeng won also tournament in July -

Big thanks to Mr. Tianyi Hao for inputting games and results to!

In Taipei such tournament was held in Sept. 24 -

Estonian Championship of Gomoku was won by Mr. Ilja Katsev with 7 points (out of 8) and Estonian Chapionship of Renju by Aivo Oll by 6 points (out of 7), Martin Hobemagi and Villem Mesila gathered also 6 point -

Now about coming title competitions in 2018

XII Renju Team World Championship will held in Sankt Petersburg, Apr. 29.-May 6.

XIV European Renju and Gomoku Championship will held in Tallinn, June 24.-July 1.

XII Renju and rapid Gomoku Youth World Championship will held in Kusadasi, Turkey, July 28.-Aug. 5.
NB! Dates have changed a little, but now are final! As this is very hot tourist season in Turkey, please inform organisers ASAP about possible number of players from your country!

Friendly, Ants


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