News No. 405, 2018-08-07
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends!

World Youth Renju and Rapid Gomoku Championship was played in Kushadasi, Turkey.

First I need to tell you about main organiser, Turkish Renju Federation president Mr. Mert Gurcuc.
Mert made really great efforts to organise wonderful! He and his wife Olga  are super organisers, very kind people caring about each quest! Thank you very much joining our renju-gomoku family.

Second great thing was Kazakhstan team joining international competition first time. It was brave step, as their playing level is not high yet and fighting with more experienced opponents was though.

Actually we have now 3 RIF member countries – Turkey, Greece and Kazakhstan, were renju-gomoku are on shoulders of very few people and help of different teachers is very welcome! Dmitri Epifanov has done great job in all 3 countries, but also help from others is needed.

But now back to YWC. Totally 66 players from 6 countries took part in 8 groups by age and gender. China sent 18 players, who received 14 renju medals (!). In addition, 2 chinese got 4th place (after chinese top 3) and only 2 players (in gr. B) were not in fighting for top places. Russia took 6 and Estonia 4 medals. In rapid gomoku we had one big tournament with 67 players and medals were shared „more fairly“ – one to China, Russia and Estonia each.

(Renju)games of competition are avaiable in ( , also some photos and standings. More photos and complete tables we are trying to input quite soon.

About inputting games to Finally admin is not using Java and inputting of games is possible with any browser and much more convinient as before. So, I invite you to follow Mr. Alexey Skuridin and input to also old games, our renju and gomoku history. Who want to help, but dont have admin or have forgot password – please contact me, I will make or restore.

And finally. Youth Renju Fund is not having very good times. Thanks for Mr. Na Wei, Norihiko Kawamura and Hiroshi Okabe we were able to support some best Russian, Greek and Estonian players to go to YWC, but new donations are welcome!

Friendly, Ants (Youth Commissioneer)


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