News No. 434, 2019-11-19
Published by Yi Li

The 4th National Mind Sports Games of China has wrapped up on November 18th. Over two hundreds player joined the match in different groups. Adults groups used Yamaguchi rule, and teenage groups used classic rule. In the end, Yang Yanxi representing Shandong team won men group's championship, Wang Qingqing representing Hubei team won women group's championship, and Hubei team got mixed team group's title.

Details are as follows:

Men Group
1st place - Yang Yanxi, Shandong
2nd place - Jiang Qiwen, Shanghai
3rd place - Ai Xianping, Liaoning

Women Group
1st place - Wang Qingqing, Hubei
2nd place - Li Xiaoqing, Sichuan
3rd place - Wu Zhiqin, Hubei

Mixed Team Group
1st place - Hubei (Cao Dong, Mei Fan, Wang Qingqing)
2nd place - Jiangsu (Xi Zhenyang, Chen Jing, Xiao Huifang)
3rd place - Shanghai (Zhu Jianfeng, Jiang Qiwen, Zheng Weinan)

Boys Group
1st place - Zhang Xiuqi, Shanghai
2nd place - Kang Zheming, Shanghai
3rd place - Kang Tingrui, Zhejiang

Girls Group
1st place - Wang Kemiao, Ningbo
2nd place - Zhang Yunshu, Zhejiang
3rd place - Yao Jiaying, Shanghai

Children Mixed Team Group
1st place - Shanghai (Kang Zheming, Zhang Xiuqi, Zhang Xinyi)
2nd place - Shandong (Jiao Zhengrui, Li Jiajun, Wang Jiayi)
3rd place - Zhejiang (Kang Tingrui, Lei Yufei, Zhang Yunshu)

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