News No. 448, 2020-08-12
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends,

Quite many things have happened in „5 in a row“ World recently :).
First and most important is of course, that World Renju and Gomoku Youth Cup is played.
16 medal sets of medals were played out and 16 titles of WRGYC given out. Brilliant results made  Zoltán László, Georg-Romet Topkin, Kseniia Matushkina, who won both, renju and gomoku titles accordingly in groups A, B and F .
Other winners were, in renju:  Jiao Zhengrui (Gr.C);  Hu Jinrui (D); Cao Xueyu (E); Zhu Jiayi (G) and Qin Shaoya (H)
In gomoku: Rauno Lääne (C); Vladislav Vislovich (D); Daria Stulova (E); Darya Yusupmurzina (G) and  Anastasia Simanovskaia (H)

Full results are in under main tournament info - and under each tournament separately. There are also links to nice original tournament tables :
Renju: AB - ; C - ; D-  ; EF - ;  G - ; H - .
AB - , C - ; D - ; EFG - , H -

Diplomas for players and coaches are avaiable to see here:  
We are preparing games export from to, but it may take some time. So far you can look games in (you need to press to certain result in tournament table). We will also publish impressions about tournaments in

It was not possible to organise such a big event without help of many people from different countries.For example,  Irina Metreveli helped to fill datas not only for her players, but also for many others. We received different kind of help from Sun Yunnan, Liu Yanyan, Yu Yajun, Cao Dong, Maiko Fujita, HiroshiOkabe,  Dmitri Epifanov, Sun In, Alexey Skuridin, Martin Muzika, Zoltán László, Andreas Tähnas, Madli Mirme, Kevi Kaido kallikorm, Kristina and Csaba Kamaras -  if I mention just some names of very-very long list.

But very special thanks I want to give to 2 person. First, Marten Meikop, site founder. He made really great pre-work to make everything go fluently during tournaments! I can only imagine his sleepless nights, as after his main job and besides family he needed to find lot of time for programming many special things to make tournaments go by international rules.

Second is Ando Meritee. Madli, main pillar of organising Gomoku and Renju WC 2013 and 2019 coundt get vacation this time and was very busy with her  job .and other things. Still, basicly everything went fluently (of course we apologize for lot of small mistakes and errors), thanks to  Ando’s super energy and cleverness, making whole picture of different IT solutions
So, even if we know that its always better to meet face to face, we have good example of IT structure, what can work well and maybe use it more often, than just for World Youth Cup!

And to the end of this subject – here is one of the most popular czech newspaper wrote an article about our tournament: and Brno TV record (starting from 2:44)
Some more news.  Mind Sport Olympic (MSO) is also an online competition in this year - . Aug.7th MSO gomoku tournament was held in – . So, Zoltán won also here :).
Martin Hõbemägi commented this tournament together with Marten Meikop in English -

And finally – Hangzhou (China) Qi Yuan Branch informed RIF:  „This year we are going to hold the 8th China International Qi (Mind Sport) Culture Exposition and we are adding a new item called the Renju Tournament of the 1st "Mind Master" Mind Sport Meeting on October (17.-18.) at Hangzhou, China. This is the first year we add this new Renju tournament to the whole event and we plan to keep this tournament for at least 10 years“.
This time Hangzhou renju tournament will be most probably played in online, but more exact information we will send as soon as we get it. Anyway, please keep dates Oct. 17.-18. Opened for renju. Organisers are inviting as many countries as possible to participate.

Friendly, Ants


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