Here you can find information about the renju tournaments all over the world. It includes RIF title competitions, such as world championships, but also national championships, cup tournaments, international open tournaments. If you are interested in the renju history then you can read about finished tournaments, if you plan to join some renju tournaments then you can take a look at coming tournaments:


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The (Rated) behind the tournament name means that the results of the tournament are counted into RIF Rating List. If you plan to join any of these tournaments then please contact the tournament organizers. The detailed information about coming tournaments is published under Info links below or in the News section of this website as well as in the Newsletter that is sent to all the subscribers.

Tournament nameMonthYearCountryCityRatedBeginsEndsInfo
World Championship QTAugust2017Chinese TaipeiTaipeiRated08-0308-05Info
World Championship ATAugust2017Chinese TaipeiTaipeiRated08-0708-13Info
World Championship WTAugust2017Chinese TaipeiTaipeiRated08-0708-12Info
World Championship BTAugust2017Chinese TaipeiTaipeiRated08-0708-12Info
57 Suiseisen Tournament 1st roundSeptember2017JapanTokyoRatedInfo
55 Meijinsen TournamentSeptember2017JapanYaiduRated09-1606-18Info
57 Suiseisen Tournament final roundOctober2017JapanTokyoRatedInfo
9th Taiwan Meijinsen Qualification, N...October2017Chinese TaipeiTaipeiRatedInfo
Estonian Championship of Renju and Go...October2017EstoniaTallinnRated10-2010-22Info
17 Kanto Renju Emperor Tournament 1s...November2017JapanTokyoRatedInfo
Swedish Open Team ChampionshipNovember2017SwedenStockholmRated11-1811-19Info
17 Kanto Renju Emperor Tournament 2n...December2017JapanTokyoRatedInfo
Tallinn OpenDecember2017EstoniaTallinnRated12-2612-29Info
Karepa campJuly2018EstoniaKarepaRated07-0307-12Info