World Championship WT
Chinese Taipei, Taipei, August 2017 (08-07 - 08-12), Soosyrv-8 rule


Dear Renju friends:

Taipei will be the host of 2017's Renju World Championship event! Preparations for the event are well in progress and now I am pleased to send this newsletter with preliminary and basic information. More information will follow as we get closer to the event.

Here is the current schedule for the event:
-02 Aug (Wed)  Arrival of QT players; casting of lots
-03 Aug (Thu)  1st-2nd rounds of QT
-04 Aug (Fri)  3rd-5th rounds of QT
-05 Aug (Sat)  6th-7th rounds of QT
-06 Aug (Sun)  Arrival of AT, WT, BT players; opening ceremony
-07 Aug (Mon)  1st-2nd rounds of AT, WT and BT
-08 Aug (Tue)  3rd-4th rounds of AT, WT and BT
-09 Aug (Wed)  5th-6th rounds of AT, WT and BT
-10 Aug (Thu)  Taipei sightseeing
-11 Aug (Fri)  7th-8th rounds of AT, WT and BT
-12 Aug (Sat)  9th-10th rounds of AT and WT; 9th round of BT; RIF General Assembly
-13 Aug (Fri)  11th rounds of AT and WT(if needed); closing ceremony

The tournament hall and accomodation are both located at Green World Hotel Nankang, Taipei, a convenient place which costs only 5-minutes walk to THSR(Taiwan High Speed Rail), Railway and MRT Nankang station.

The tournament regulation depends on "Tournament Rules in International Championships : 4.1-4.4" by RIF Sports Commission.

We wish to invite all renju friends to participate this event and we hope we can offer you an exciting renju experience in Taipei! Please let us know if you are interested in this event and please also let us know your team members and companies in detail as soon as possible.

We hope to see you in Taipei!

Huang-Yu Lin
WC 2017 organizing committee

Contact: or contact Huang-Yu Lin through facebook directly