Tallinn Open
Estonia, Tallinn, December 2017 (12-26 - 12-29), Soosyrv-8 rule

Main info
Everyone knowing renju rules can take part, but to Renju AT are invited at least 4dan players (+  wild card owners) Others can play in BT.
  Opening rule Soosõrv-8, AT will be 8 rounds time control 60min + 30 sek.
BT 60min+0,
Rapid gomoku will be swap 2, 20min+0
Tournament fee in renju 20 euro, students - 10 euro (some snacks and drinks included)
gomoku 8 euro and 3 euro

Tournament director: Mr. Erko Olumets
assistant: Ants Soosyrv,, +37256697382

Playing place - Usual for TO - Tallinn Hobbycenter Kullo, Mustamae tee 59
Accommodation is planned in same place like last years for interntional tournaments, in Academic hostel, what is about 3km  from Kullo -
I have booked 10 DBL rooms, price for our group is 32.40 per night per room, you can stay there alone or with someone, price per room will be same. I will check price for extra bed, if needed.