XII Team World Championship
Russia, Saint Petersburg, May 2018 (04-29 - 05-05), Soosyrv-8 rule

Dear renju friends,

We are glad to invite you to take part in XII Team World Championship in Renju! The tournament will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The competition is to be held in the Copy-Center (Vosstaniya street, 1). It is a big business center in the very center of St. Petersburg, just opposite the Moscow Railway Station on the Vosstaniya square, close to the metro station of the same name.

The big hotel "Oktiabrskaya" is situated on the Vosstaniya square. Their official site is It's possible to book rooms there. Also there are many other big and small hotels and hostels near the Copy-Center. For example,

We will be glad to help you with booking! Just tell us the number of persons and your preferences.

Close to the playing-hall there are many places for meals: cafes and restaurants. It's possible to have lunch for about 300 rbl. (4 euro).

Preliminary time-table:

28.04-29.04 – arrival of participants
29.04 – Opening Ceremony
30.04 – rounds 1-2
01.05 – sightseeing, round 3
02.05 - rounds 4-5
03.05 - RIF Meeting, round 6
04.05 - rounds 7-8
05.05 - round 9, Closing Ceremony

Tournament fee per team is 120 EUR.

We invite everybody to come and enjoy the Team World Championship!

See you in St. Petersburg!

Pavel Salnikov
Tournament Director


Here are important rules about RTWC taken from RIF Sport Commission document:

4.5 Team World Championships (TWC)
Purpose: To determine the World Champion team every second year.
When: To be played in April/May every even year.
How: According to tournament system in appendix 1. One team has four players plus maximum two reserve players.
Tie break rules:
1. Number of game points
2. Team match points
3. Buchholz coefficient (calculated on game points)
4. Berger coefficient (calculated on game points)
5. Personal match between teams
6. Result of 1st table
7. Result of 2nd table
8. Result of 3rd table
9. If all criteria are the same, the teams will share the places, except when precise determination of places is required - in that case an extra game with 20 minutes per player is played between the 1st table players (in case of 2 involved teams). If the extra matches are to be played between 3 or more involved teams with same tie break criteria, the referee will decide the time limit of the games between the 1st table players. If the tie was not broken, there will be additional matches played between the 1st table players until the tie is broken. The referee decides the time limit for those matches.

Who: Below, the teams that are allowed to take part:
• All TWC winners generates one country team place.
• One team from each country, who havent been Team World Champions.
• The organizing country has the right to participate with one extra team regardless of how many teams they have from above.

Time control: Thinking time for each player is 2 hours   plus 30 seconds per move (Fischer).

Additional rule 1: Players may talk to their team captain about strategy regarding offering or accepting draw in their ongoing game. However, this conversation must be done in English. In cases when a player cannot use English, the referee can make an exception.

Additional rule 2: When two players from the same team are copying moves from opponents resulting in the situation that the opponents are really playing versus each other is regarded as “copying of moves”. When this kind of copying of moves happens a team captain can claim that one of the games will be continued in a separate playing hall without access for other players than the moved players

Appendix 1 – Tournament systems depending on number of participants

6. 9 - 10 teams – RR [9 rounds]- So, as we have 9 teams in both Championships, 9 rounds in Round Robin system will be played

2.2.4 Player’s rules

Players have the right to

• Watch the ongoing games in the playing hall
• Move freely inside the playing hall
• Visit a resting area for smoking purpose
• Visit a resting area for fresh air
• Visit toilette
• Get drinking water, coffee and tea
• Bring reasonable amount of drinks, food and other refreshments into the playing hall
• Notify referee and have opponents clock started if player is preliminary black and on time but preliminary white is late. In this case preliminary black does not need to put the opening; instead the preliminary white's time will start to run.

Players may not

• Make move before they have marked their opponent’s move(s) on the blank
• Write down move(s) before it has been played on the board
• Push clock with other hand than the hand used to make the move
• Correct the position by touching stones when their clock is not running
• Disturb each other during the games
• Leave the playing hall without permission from referee or referee appointed person. Staff member should accompany player if possible.
• Use any kind of external help, such as a database, internet, personal help etc during their games
• Talk to anyone during the game except the referee, referee appointed person, to person who has got special permission or the opponent when needed
• Use headphones during the game
• Use any kind of electronic device during the game, all electronic devices must be switched off before the start of the round
• Be late more than 60 minutes to a game. Breaking this rule will make the player lose the game.
• Be late more than 15 minutes to a game. Breaking this rule, the referee can check reason for being late and act depending on answer.