Match Qi Guan vs Yixin  |  Games (5)
China, Chengdu, April 2018 (04-15 - 04-19), Soosyrv-8 rule

On 15th-19th of April 2018, there will be a formal match between Yixin and Qi Guan, one game per day, hosted by Chengdu Qiyuan. Qi Guan is one of the best renju players in the world, winner of the Renju World Championship 2015. Yixin is the strongest renju AI in the world, winner of Gomocup 2017. Every game will be broadcast here starting from 13:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8).

Match Settings
* Number of Round: 5
* Rule: Soosorv-8
* Time Control: 120 min/game + 30 sec/move
* Human player's time is counted by a table clock; Yixin's time is counted by itself

Online broadcast: