World Team Gomoku Championship
Poland, Płock, August 2018 (08-11 - 08-18), Gomoku - swap2 rule

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The Team Gomoku World Championship 2018 will be hosted in Płock (Poland), and we are glad to invite you to this exciting competition!

Preparations have already started, and we are pleased to share basic information with you in this announcement. All necessary information will be updated as we get closer to the event.


10-11.08. – arrival of participants

11.08. 18:00 - Opening Ceremony

12.08. 09:15 – 1st round

12.08. 15:45 – 2nd round

13.08. 09:15 – 3rd round

13.08. 15:45 – 4th round

14.08. 09:15 – 5th round

14.08. 15:45 – 6th round

15.08. Gomoku Committee discussion

16.08. 09:15 – 7th round

16.08. 15:45 – 8th round

17.08. 09:15 – 9th round

17.08. 16:00 – Closing Ceremony

Each team must consist of four main players and may have up to 2 substitute players. The full rules of the tournament will be announced later and will be in accordance with the RIF regulations. The tournament fee will be 120 EUR per team.

Just before the tournament, the Polish Gomoku Championship will be held (10-11.08.) – the latter competition is open, so every player who comes to Płock can also join it.

The tournament hall and accommodation are located at Hotel Płock (, which is situated in Płock, a historical capital of Poland, located about 100 km from Warsaw.

The hotel is in the very centre of the city, 50 m from a bus stop and about 1,5 km from the main bus and train station (there is no airport in Płock, thus you can get there by car, bus or train). There are shops and restaurants near the hotel, and also the old town is less than 1 km away.