Team World Championship
Armenia, Yerevan, September 1998 (09-10 - 09-11), RIF rule

Due to several reasons the teams except Sweden could not go to Armenia, therefore instead of Team World Championship tournament the Armenia-Sweden match was held. The Team World Champion title was not given to anybody at that time, however by the request of Armenian delegation RIF decided that the tournament itself was official Team World Championship but without Champion title.

A team-match between Armenia and Sweden was played in Yerevan at Erebouni hotel. It was a very equal fight between two as it seems very equal teams. The match ended as a draw, 8-8 after 4 rounds. There were four tables and the games were played with 90 minutes / player, 120 moves and then draw.



Pogosyan Karlsson
Stepanyan Jonsson
Manukyan Bertilsson
Gevorkyan Asplund