Gomoku-renju individual+team serie in
Estonia, Tallinn, May 2020 (05-21 - 06-09), swap gomoku+Taraguchi-10 rule

24 teams from Russia, Greece and Estonia + some individual players (also from China and Turkey) participated in competition. 6 gomoku and 6 renju blitz tournaments were played and totally 8 best tournament points were counted (1st place gets 100 points
2nd place gets 95 points
3rd place 92 points
4th - 93rd place 90 - 1 point respectively)

Total team and individual results you can find here:

Here are teams top 6:

1. Poduga 1 (Russia) 2035 (Daria Yusupmurzina, Kirill Stoianov, Ekaterina Porokhina, Andrey Prokopiev )
2. Moscow 2 (Russia) 1943 (Alexandr Pinsky, Vladislav Vislovich, Maria Petrova, Arsenii Berdii)
3. Poduga 2 (Russia) 1907 (Egor Naumov, Anna Fokicheva, Daria Buslakova, Egor Stoianov)
4. MALS (Estonia) 1901 (Friida Treffner, Ants Soosorv, Oskar Treffner, Mark Heidmets) (out of competition to children prizes)
5. (4.) Moscow 1 (Russia)1785 (Nikolai Burtsev, Vasily Kochanov, Mikhail Savvateev, Daniil Gorbachev)
6. (5.) Poduga 3 (Russia)1769 (Sergei Mikriukov, Anastasia Buslakova, Anastasia Simanovskaia, Konstantin Kazantsev)

Best young players, boys:
1. Kirill Stoianov
2. Alexandr Pinsky
3. Nikolai Burtsev
4. Arseny Pestov
5. Egor Naumov
6. Egor Stoianov
(all Russia)

1. Daria Yusupmurzina (Russia)
2. Olga Kurdina (Russia)
3. Friida Treffner (Estonia)
4 Ekaterina Porokhina (Russia)
5 Maria Petrova (Russia)
6 Melissa Nitov (Estonia)

File with full standings is here -
Tournament tables and individual standings are here:

Renju and gomoku mixed "Summer waiting" individua-team competition
21.05. - 9.06.2020
Estonian Sub-Association of Mind Sports, Estonian Mind Sports Portal, Tallinn Hobby Center Kullo and Estonian Renju Union

Purpose of the competition and participants
The aim of the mixed series of rendzu and gomoku is to popularize both gomoku and rendzu among both young people and adults and to offer pleasant competition through thought games that develop tension. The competition is both individual and team-based and takes place via the portal - players can take part in the competition from their home. Both beginners and masters are welcome.

The tournaments are played in a one large group for everyone, but there are special prizes for children, both individually and as a team. In the case of the participants, the level of their gomoku / renju is not important, but polite and honest (no one / anything's help should be used) behavior in the environment.

First of all, renju training tournaments are planned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 14:30 (Estonian and Moscow time) - approx. 15:10 between 6.05. - 20.05.2020, especially for those who have not tried or played a little before the reggae.

NB! Renju trial tournaments for practise will be organised regularly till the end of June, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 14:30 (by Estonian and Moscow time).

Then there are 12 main stages:
21.05. at 19:00 - Stage 1 (renju)
22.05. at 19:00 - Stage 2 (gomoku)
24.05. at 19:00 - Stage 3 (renju)

26.05. at 19:00 - Stage 4 (gomoku)
28.05. at 19:00 - Stage 5 (renju)
29.05. at 19:00 - Stage 6 (gomoku)
31.05. at 19:00 - Stage 7 (renju)

2.06. at 19:00 - Stage 8 (gomoku)
4.06. at 19:00 - Stage 9 (renju)
5.06. at 19:00 - Stage 10 (gomoku)
7.06. at 19:00 - Stage 11 (renju)

9.06. at 19:00 - Stage 12 (gomoku)

The sum of the points obtained for place (1-st place 100; 2nd 95, 3rd 92, 4th 90 5th 89...93.- 1point) in the tournaments is taken into account.
In the individual summary, the results of the player's eight best tournaments (points) are added together, in case of equal points, the sum of the points collected in the remaining stages is taken into account as the second criterion and the sum of places as the third criterion.

Team classification. The team must have at least 3 players, there can be 4. Teams can be formed freely, at their discretion, only the team must be registered here: The results of 3 players from the team (if there are 4 players, then the 3 best ones) as well as the results of the eight best stages will be taken into account.
Tournaments use the tournament system, where in case of equal points the Median-Buchholz coefficient is taken into account and in case of an equal coefficient the rating of the corresponding game of the user is taken into account.

Competition rules - Gomoku with swap-2 and Renju with Taraguch's opening rules ( are played 7-round tournaments in the Swiss system and) with time control 5 min. + 3 sec.

To participate in tournaments, it is necessary to have a account
A valid email address or google / Facebook account is required to create an account. If the person interested in the game does not have an e-mail address, please contact the organizer of the competition, who will create accounts in the environment. To rank the children, please send the player's full name and school to the organizers (if the account is not previously associated with a name and school). Adults do not have to do this.

Pre-registration is necessary to get an overview of the teams and it can be done here: The tournament room will appear on the site half an hour before the start of the tournament, 20 minutes before the start of the tournament. However, latecomers will be included in the tournament (up to 30 minutes)

The organizers will award at least three best (school)students and 3 best student teams with souvenirs. The prizes will be awarded by agreement as soon as the situation allows.

Ants Soosõrv -, +372 56 69 73 82