Nizhny Novgorod region open on-line tournament  |  Games (53)
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, July 2020 (07-24 - 07-26), Tarannikov rule

The Nizhny Novgorod region open on-line tournament will be held in Gambler (, room "Cells - checkers", July 24 - 26.
Swiss system. 9 rounds.
Opening rules - "5 reversies".
Time control - 30 minutes for each player per game and + 5 sec for each move.
Rounds start at 11-00, 13-00 and 15-00 (Moscow time).
Applications (full name, city and country, age, renju rank and gambler's niсk) are accepted till 21-00 (Moscow time) July 23.

Participants must navigate Gambler easily (be able to find playing room, to create new table, to set up conventions, ets.)

Referee - Alexey Skuridin