Kullo renju-gomoku serie 2020/21 3rd tournament
Estonia, Tallinn, November 2020 (11-21 - 11-21), swap gomoku+Taraguchi-10 rule

Will be played in

10:30 (by Estonian time) Open renju tournament (Taraguchi-10, 9 rounds 5 min+3sec)

13:30 - Open gomoku tournament (swap-2, 9 rounds 5 min+3sec)

14:00 - Gomoku beginners tournament (ordinary gomoku without swap, 11 rounds 5min+2 sec) Tournament is for players with Estonian 15 kyu (some other countries 10 kyu) or without any rank. So players see maybe 1 move 4x3 or 3x3 and often miss threes and fours.
NB! Pre-registration to this group is needed, as this is not an open tournament
For pre-registration I need (from coaches):
1)Player's nickname
2) Players real name