The Third World Renju Open Online tournament, gr. A  |  Games (158)
China, Anji, December 2020 (12-05 - 12-06), Taraguchi-10 rule

Full table is avaiable to see here:

1. Dmitry Epifanov 7   27,5
2. Huang-Yu Lin   6    32
3. Woong-bae Park 5,5  20
4. Micha┼é ┼╗ukowski 5   27,5
5. fage            5   27,5
6. Irina Metreveli  5  27,5
7. Tomoharu Nakayama 5 26
8. Hong-Soon Kim     5 24,5
9. Peter Burtsev    5 24
10.Takahisa Kawano 4,5 30,5

For players born not later 2007 Dec. 31.

Tournament rule:
Taraguchi-10 . Time control 30 min+ 5 sec

Schedule and some info:

Dec. 5.
1st round 9:00 - time zone - UTC+3
(by Estonian,  Turkish and Greek time; 8:00 by Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Swedish time;10:00 by Moscow time;  15:00 by Chinese time, 16:00 by Japanese and Korean

2nd round 10:30

3rd round 12:00

4th round 14:00

Dec. 6th

5th round 10:00
6th round 11:30
7th round 13:30

We ask co-operations from federations to check their country players fair play!

We ask to register by November 15 on; Mr. Kang need to publicize list of players by November in China press release. But still we accept registrations done later also till November 30.

We ask co-operation from countries federations and coaches.
Please send following datas:
1) Your nickname
2) Your real name and country
3) Your e-mail address (coaches can give their e-mail instead of children)

You can send your registration to or (and even better, to do it in events calendar -

Tournament rooms will be opened 30 minutes before tournament.
For participation you need to have registrated user in
For that you need to:
- If you dont have account: Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
- Fill your username and password and e-mail
- Press to link in confirmation letter in your mailbox
- Log in with your username and password
- Select your language you want to use from left side of site
- press to "games"
- press to tournaments on right side of page
- Choose right tournament
- press "register", blue botton on right side of page. If you have "mark" before your name, you are succesfully registrated