Kawamura Cup 2021, online
Estonia, Tallinn, May 2021 (05-01 - 05-02), Taraguchi-10 rule

NB! Will be played both in and "face to face". There will be groups A and B. In gr.A Taraguchi-10 rules. Time control is 30min+ 2sec, 9 rounds in Swiss will be played
Start is 9:00 a.m. by Estonian and Moscow time (8:00 Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden; 14:00 in China Chinese Taipei, Macau; 15:00 in Japan, Korea.

Time-table of A-tournament:
May 1-st

1. round 9:00
2. round 10:15
3. round 11:30
4. round 13:00
5. round 14:15

May 2nd

6. round 10:00
7. round 11:15
8. round 12:45
9. round 14:00

NB! As we plan serious, RIF rated online A-tournament, we plan system of players identification and using cameras. About exact conditions we will announce later. Registration to A-tournament we ask before April 29. (22:00 by Estonian time)

B-tournament is totally opened, no pre-registration, 7min+2sec, 9 rounds, Taraguchi-10

Tournament room will be opened 30 minutes before tournament.
For participation you need to have registrated user in
For that you need to:
- Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
- Fill your username and password and e-mail
- Press to link in confirmation letter in your mailbox
- Log in with your username and password
- Select your language you want to use from left side of site
- press to "games"
- press to tournaments on right side of page
- press "register", blue botton on right side of page. If you have "mark" before your name, you are succesfully registrated