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Russia, Moscow, June 2000 (06-10 - 06-12), RIF rule

We had a nice Moscow Open Tournament last weekend. It was dedicated to the memory of brilliant Nikolay Mikhailov who died five years before.

A hard time control (one hour till 99th and 100th moves) and many strong players participance got us a lot of dramatic games. There are final results of 9-rounds Swiss

1.Sergei Shevelyov        N.Novgorod    7.5
2.Oleg Fedorkin           Mytischi      7
3.Igor Sinyov             Moscow        6.5
4.Yuri Tarannikov         Moscow        6     47 (29.25)
5.Viktor Barykin          Volgograd     6     47 (29)
6.Ants Soosyrv            Tallinn       5.5   52
7.Konstantin Nikonov      Elektrostal   5.5   50
8.Alexander Mikhailov     Moscow        5.5   49.5
9.Karen sirategyan        Moscow        5.5   47
10.Mikhail Kazarin        Poduga        5.5   45.5
11.Viktor Golosov         Moscow        5.5   45
12.Meijin-2000                          5     44.5
13.Lents Johann           Tallinn       5     38
14.Nekrasov Denis         Poduga        4.5   43.5
15.Savrasova Yulia        Poduga        4.5   43
16.Makarov Pavel          Moscow        4.5   42.5 (18.75)
17.Irina Metreveli        Poduga        4.5   42.5 (17.25)
18.Krasnonosov Dmitry     Moscow        4.5   41
19.Elena Chizhkina        N.Novgorod    4.5   36
20.Sergei Ogorodov        Moscow        4     39
21.Alexander Lonin        N.Novgorod    4     38.5 (16.5)
22.Evelin Tihkan          Tallinn       4     38.5 (12)
23.Alexei Skuridin        N.Novgorod    4     38
24.Sergei Pereplyotchikov Moscow        4     35.5
25.Yuri Tyglo             Belgorod      4     35
26.Alexander Shatunov     N.Novgorod    3.5   42
27.Evgenia Zakatova       N.Novgorod    3.5   36
28.Roman Berezin          N.Novgorod    3     34.5 (9.5)
29.Olga Kotcheshkova      N.Novgorod    3     34.5 (8.5)
30.Sergei Turko           Moscow        2     37.5
31.Sergei Strizhov        Moscow        2     32.5

As a comments:

1. We have a right to wait good performance of S.Shevelyov, M.Kazarin, D.Nekrasov and Yu.Savrasova at Youth World Championship in Arjeplog this summer.

Kazarin had a very strong tournament. He win Savrasova, Krasnonosov, Makarov, played draw with Sinyov and losed Soosyrv, Nikonov and Fedorkin.

Shevelyov had a good luck as winner, but there are won games against Soosyrv, Fedorkin, Nikonov in his active.

2. Historical moment! First "cyborg" played among peoples. Computer program Meijin-2000 under famous Oleg Stepanov control left behind some strong players.

3. It was really a nice event because some renju senjors join us: you may find a name of Sergei Pereplyotchikov among participants. It was first Sergei's tournament after about 8 years delay. Sergei Maslyaev and inimitable Mikhail Biryukov were observed among spectators.

Moscow Club thanks all visitors from Tallinn, Nizhny Novgorod, Poduga, Volgograd, Belgorod, St.Petersburg and invites everybody to take part in the next Moscow Open Tournament.

Best Regards,
Konstantin Nikonov