Swedish Championship High League  |  Games (45)
Sweden, Stockholm, March 2008 (03-26 - 03-30), RIF rule


This year it was Stockholm's turn to host the annual Swedish Championship in renju. The tourament started on Wednesday the 26th and ended on Sunday the 30th of March at YMCA Central. There are ten participants in the Swedish Championship final according to the present system. Each player had 2 h and 15 min + 30 seconds per move for their game. For one player, Petter Lindholm, it was the first time ever to play SC final.

Before the start of the games it seemed that this year's tournament would become one of the most even. This proved to be true because before the last 9th round there were three players with the chance to become the champion - Bj�rn Wallgren, Martin Carlsson and Stefan Karlsson. The latter two played against each other in the final match and Bj�rn Wallgren had Fredrik Ternerot as his last opponent. Both of these matches went on for almost five hours and proved to be successful for Fredrik and Stefan. Those results meant that Stefan defended his title from the last year. For this to happen Stefan owes a big thanks to Fredrik. He surpassed himself and won a long and exciting game against Bj�rn who played his best championship and was closer to victory than ever before. Only 2.5 points separated the 8th place from the first. This shows how even was the struggle for becoming the champion.

The final standings:

1. Stefan Karlsson       Stockholm            6.5
2. Martin Carlsson        Jonkoping            6
3. Bjorn Wallgren          Harnosand          5.5
4. Tord Andersson       Uppsala               5
5. Bjorn Lind                 Stockholm           4.5
6. Kristian Lindberg      Varberg              4.5
7. Richard Sandstrom  Jonkoping            4
8. Fredrik Ternerot        Lund                   4
9. Petter Lindholm         Lund                   2.5
10. Peter Jonsson        Jonkoping           2.5

During the two last days of the final was played the open tournament called Lilla SM of which the two best qualify to the final next year. Totally nine players took part. According to predictions it was Bengt Asplund and Marcus Eriksson who got the most points and qualified to the next year's final. Both of them gathered eight points.

The final standings of the open tournament:

1. Bengt Asplund        Ostra Ryd            8
2. Marcus Eriksson     Linkoping            8
3. Bengt Nyberg          Linkoping            7
4. Torbjorn Blomstedt  Stockholm           6
5. Linnea Widman        Arjeplog              5
6. Daniel Nygards        Stockholm           3
7. Joachim Theimer      Stockhom            3
8. Martin Karlsson        Jonkoping           3
9. Emma Warner  Stockholm       2                        

Thanks to everyone for interesting games and see you in the coming tournaments!

Best wishes,
Irene Karlsson

1Karlsson Stefan 101011116.5
2Carlsson Martin0 010111116
3Wallgren Bjorn11 0111005.5
4Andersson Tord001 11015
5Lind Bjorn1100 014.5
6Lindberg Kristian00 01114.5
7Sandstrom Richard000011 1104
8Ternerot Fredrik0011000 114
9Lindholm Petter001000 2.5
10Jonsson Peter000010 2.5