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Czech Republic, Havlickuv Brod, September 2006 (09-25 - 09-29), RIF rule

1Meritee AndoEstonia84841321643562911
2Kadulin AlexanderRussia752,541,25181017834165
3Soosyrv AntsEstonia6,55031,75297612181049
4Artemyev SergeyRussia6,549,531,2521231178213312
5Lents JohannEstonia6,548,532,7522118181147162
6Karlsson StefanSweden64826,5271231424111210
7Savrasova YuliaRussia5,546,525,7593211310851716
8Nowak PawelPoland5,54524,525195247162422
9Drozd AlexanderUkraine544,519,5727122119241413
10Kraeva TatianaRussia5442026230257123146
11Balabay ViktorRussia543,518,75315251620136191
12Laube PavelCzech Republic542,521,5286924171020134
13Nikonov KonstantinRussia54220,752417237181141219
14Nykl OndrejCzech Republic54020193026622591020
15Serdyukov EgorRussia531,516232018282617312724
16Semenov VladimirRussia4,5451820122112825857
17Karasev MaximRussia4,542,516,75301324121524728
18Nowakowski MaciejPoland443,516226155133212030
19Lind BjornSweden439,515,51482423928251113
20Oblikas MikkEstonia43813,5161531261122121814
21Jonsson PeterSweden43712429792331182227
22Pestereva MariaRussia436,511,755321627142029218
23Dzaynukov EldarAdzerbaidzan434,512,515413192127322829
24Sumarokov EvgenyRussia3,54213,25133119126917815
25Eged IgorSlovakia3,5339,582811102716193032
26Metreveli IrinaRussia3,5317,5101814201532302931
27Okatova AnnaRussia337,510,56929222523281521
28Piddubny KonstantinUkraine334,59,5122532151619272317
29Neuman PetrCzech Republic3306,532127313230222623
30Kryuchok RomanRussia231,54,5171410323129262518
31Nemec TomasCzech Republic2315112420293021153226
32Zowadova MonikaCzech Republic133212228302926233125


Director of tournament: Ales Rybka (email:

AT: swiss system, 9 rounds, 120mins + 30sec for each move/player

Places for AT: 13 places for Russia, 3 for Sweden, 4 for Estonia, 2 for Czech, 2 for Finland, 2 for Ukraine, 2 for Uzbekistan, 2 for Adzerbaidzan, top 5 from QT and for every non-RIF country 1 place.

We would like to ask you for early applications. Please send us following data until August 15:
1.Name, sex , date of birth, country
2. Address, Phone, E-mail
3. Occupation
4. Renju Dan - Kyu
5. A tournament which are you going to play

After September 5 we will accept the late applications only if there are less than 30 applied players in QT by then. The list of QT applicants will be shown and updated on tournaments page.

We offer 3 kinds of prices including accommodation, lunch and tournament fee:

1. The Slunce hotel *** (new modern-furnished hotel)
a single rooms with a shower, WC, TV set
price including breakfast 30 EUR / room and night

2. Hostel ISS** garni
3, 4-bed rooms, shower and WC common for 2 rooms
price 15 EUR / person and night, 1 unoccupied bed is not charged

3. Hostel Pansky Dvur *
2, 3, 4-bed rooms, shower and WC common on the floor
price 10 EUR / person and night (there are just 12 beds available)
(at a distance of 3 km from the playing hall, there is a possibility to provide breakfast for abt. 1 EUR)

If you would like to stay at Hostel Pansky Dvur, reserve it until the end of July at the latest.

Transfer conditions: from the airport or railway station by train about 2 hours. The train ticket costs 8 EUR (both ways).
We can provide 1 or 2 organizers who would travel with players from the airport to the Havlickuv Brod town and back.