Moscow Championship, semifinal  |  Games (50)
Russia, Moscow, November 2009 (11-21 - 12-27), Rejection rule

The tournament was played by the rejection system (before the start of a game players alternately rejected opening rules until only one set of opening rules was remained). Opening rules were Sakata, Soosyrv, Taraguchi. If a player had not a dan then he/she could demand the using of RIF (classic) rules.

Two groups, 4 best players from each group advanced to the final which is played at January-February 2010. The results of semifinal games are not counted in the final.

Opening statistics:
Sakata 20 (40%)
Taraguchi 15 (30%)
Soosyrv 10 (20%)
RIF 5 (10%)
Total 50 games

In 1 (6.67%) of 15 games by Taraguchi rules five 5th alternative moves were made.

In 50 games 19 of 26 openings were played:

5 d7,d13,i6
4 d3,i5
3 d1,i1,i8,i10
2 d6,d11,d12,i3,i13
1 d4,d5,d9,i2,i12
0 d2,d8,d10,i4,i7,i9,i11