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Title: Iio in "Kuwana-Nana-Ban-Shobu"
Category: Tournament

Comments: "Kuwana-Nana-Ban-Shobu"
We play 7 board games; Renju, Dobutsu-Shogi, Othello, Chess, Go (not 19 roads but small 9 roads board), Shogi and Backgammon together.

First tournament was held in Kuwana 2017 Feburuary, many tournaments were held in many places, finally world championship was held in Kuwana 2018 August.
Iio, I and some renju players joined.
32 players joined to the knock-out tournament, both Iio and I won 1st round but lost 2nd round.
Time control was 45 mins for each.

Now we have arround 200 players in the world ranking, most of them didn't know renju in 2017 Feburuary.
It means we got at least 200 new renju players, some of them already joined renju official tournaments.
Many others especially professional Shogi and Go players are interested in it.

Nana means 7, Ban means board, Shobu means battle.

Published by Hiroshi Okabe