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Title: Photo of Renjuclass people in 2001
Category: Tournament

Comments: This photo was made in Kyoto in August 2001, during the Closing Ceremony of the 7th Renju World Championship.
This is the photo of renjuclass members in that big renju party. The people from left:
kyama (Japan), jahre (Russia), KusajimaM (Japan), Ando (Estonia), MIKN1 (Korea), atlopps (Taiwan).

List of people who are on the photo:  
Meritee Ando (Tallinn Estonia)
Kim Byoung-Jun (In-Cheon Korea)
Lin Shieng-Min (Taipei Chinese Taipei)
Samotsvetov Igor (Kaliningrad Russia)
Yamamoto Keisuke (unknown Japan)
Kusajima Masato (unknown Japan)

Published by Ando Meritee