News No. 334, 2011-11-08
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Tallinn Open has its traditional dates for latest years. - December 26.-29.

Preliminary schedule:

kell 11.00 - Opening Ceremony
11.15 - renju 1. round
14.15 - 2. round
17. 30 - 3. round
10.00 - 4. round
13.00 - 5. round
16.30 - 6. round

10.00 - 7. round

15.00 - gomoku 1.-3. rounds

10.00 - gomoku 4.-7. rounds
14.30 - pente quick tournament
17.30 - boku quick tournament

In Renju Rejection of Yamaguchi, Taraguchi 10 and Yamaguchi is planned. In Gomoku swap 2, in Pente swap 1.
Tournament fee for all tournaments together is 20 euro, consisting some small pricemoney, also some snacks and refreshments.

People who need Estonian visa, please hurry to contact me. Also its not easy to find accomodation for that period. Right now I have booked appartment for 6 people for period Dec. 25-30. Price is very good - 59 euro per night for full appartment, but I need to pay 50% before Dec.1.

For any questions about Tallinn Open, please contact me: Ants Soosyrv,, +37256697382

New portal:

Message from and teamleader, Marten Meikop

"Hello Renju and Gomoku friends! On 01.11.2011 a new mindsports portal was opened: In mindoku, you can play online 20 different mindgames: Chess, Draughts, Othello, Entropy, Sudokus and Gomoku! In Gomoku room, we have 5 different games: Gomoku, Swap1 Gomoku, Pente, Swap1 Renju and Taraguchi Renju. We also have online tournaments: Taraguchi Renju tournament starts every day at 15.00 UTC, Pente at 17.00 UTC. We invite you to visit and give us feedback via e-mail or our facebook page:"

I am planning to start Renju Euroleague soon in

And finally, Estonian Renju Championship was played November. 5.
Results you can see here:
Unfortunately lot of strong and experienced players didnt take part, but many very young did it instead.

Friendly, Ants

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