News No. 462, 2021-10-03
Published by Ants Soosõrv

Dear friends,

In this weekend online part of reputable Chinese event  - 9th China International Qi  Culture Exposition Mind Sport Meeting 2nd "Mind Master"  Renju Tournament ( was played.

Full table of results you can see here:

Here we publish top 6:

1. Dmitry Epifanov (RUS) 7 (out of 7)
2. Tomoharu Nakayama (JAP) 6
3. Weixiao Song (CHN) 6
4. Fanchen Meng (CHN) 6
5. Jun Hou (CHN) 6
6. Qichao Wang (CHN) 6

Epifanov have win several online tournaments in a row, so his win wasnt surprise. But amazing fact was, that he made comments during all tournament using for that much energy and time. His stream you can see here (in russian): and

We had also technical problems in the beginning. One player asked to take him out from tournament, but in coinfidence of several factors tournament stopped to work, so we needed to start again. We apologize about that once again and will try to avoid such problems in future.

Friendly, Ants

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