Moscow Championship  |  Games (28)
Russia, Moscow, December 2015 (10-25 - 12-20), Soosyrv-8 (with indulgence) rule

The tournament is playing by Soosyrv-8 with indulgence rules, a slight modification of Soosyrv-8 rules, adopted for players who did not complete yet their theoretical preparation for Soosyrv-8.

Time limit: 90 min + 30 sec

Round robin, 7 rounds.

1Tarannikov 111111 6 �.
2Nikonov0 111115 �.
3Golosov00 1101149�
4Danilin000 111148
5Makarov000 1113 �.
6Sirategyan0100 012 �.
7Magdeev000001 12.
8Sinitsyn0000000 0.

The tournament was held with the overwhelming advantage of the Number One:
+19 (68%) =2 (7%) -7 (25%)
Thus, the Number Ones have collected 20 (71.4%) points in 28 games. This is despite on the fact that four participants who played one game more as the Number One have collected totally at 2 points less than 50%.

In all 7 games that were won by the Number Two, the player Number Two eventually exceeded his opponent by at least 3 points. In both games ended as a draw, the player Number Two eventually exceeded his opponent by at least 2 points. Thus, the player Number Two had a chance to avoid a loss only when by the sum of points in all other games he was ahead of his opponent in at least 2 points (and even this chance was not used in one game).

Players who put the 4th move have a slight advantage: + 14 = 2 = 12 (53.6% points). Equal statistics in this component can be explained by the fact that here it were mixed cases when the 4th move was prepared, and when it was "random".

Players asked for an indulgence in 9 (32%) games. In these games the advantage of their opponents have roughly the same percentage: + 4=2-3 (55.6% points) but both draws in the tournament took place as a result of an indulgence.

Sirategyan was the player who used an indulgence mostly often - 6 times, each of the other players did not use this option more than once.