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Sweden, Stockholm, June 2006 (06-17 - 06-18), RIF rule

This traditional Renju tournament will be played 17-18 of June in Stockholm, Sweden. The playing hall KFUK-KFUM Central is situated in the center of Stockholm.
There will be 7 rounds in Swiss system, official RIF opening rules, 50 min per player in each game. A draw can be demanded after 60 own moves (119/120). Tournament fee is 70 SEK. Referee: Stefan Karlsson, Peter Jonsson and Bjorn Eriksson.

Final results:

Aivo Oll, EST, 6p
Peter Jonsson, SWE, 5.5p
Ando Meritee, EST, 5p
Ants Soosorv, EST, 5p
Bjorn Lind, SWE, 5p
Samuli Saarenpaa, FIN, 5p
Tunnet Taimla, EST, 4p
Olga Skuridina, RUS, 4p
Stefan Karlsson, SWE, 4p
Marcus Eriksson, SWE, 4p

There were totally 24 players in the tournament.