The 5th Zhejiang Invitational tournament  |  Games (87)
China, Hangzhou, October 2007 (10-07 - 10-13), RIF rule

The 5th Zhejiang Renju invitational tournament will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang from August 23 to August27. There will be four groups:

A-tournament: Adult Men ( Single Round Robin. The time allowance is 120 minutes per player, no byo-yomi.)

The winner of the tournament will receive a prize of 3000 RMB( =300 Euro) , The last 4 players will be relegated to B-tournament next year. This year we will adopt an extra bonus: The winner of each game will receive a 50-RMB bonus, but there is no bonus for a draw and the loser. This new bonus is to encourage players to win every game with fighting spirit and avoid the passive draw. Wu Hao, Cao Dong, Zhu Jianfeng, Wu Di and some other top Chinese player are qualified to attend this group.

B-tournament: Adult Men ( the winners of 1st ,2nd ,3rd places will receive 2000 RMB, 1000 RMB, 500 RMB respectively, and they  will be promoted to A-tournament next year. B-tournament is open for any renju players to sign up, including women and children.)

C-tournament: Adult Women ( the winners of 1st ,2nd ,3rd places will receive 1000 RMB, 500 RMB, 300 RMB respectively)

D-tournament: Children ( the winners of 1st ,2nd ,3rd places will receive 500 RMB, 300 RMB, 200 RMB respectively, and the 4th, 5th, 6th will receive the Renju teaching books published by Zhejiang Renju Club.)

This will be the biggest ever Renju tournament with more than 100 participants from 14 provinces, including most top players of China. It's once again sponsored and organized by Zhejiang Renju Club. The tournament is a stage welcoming all Renju players to show off themselves and popularize this sport.

We also invited  the representatives of all Renju clubs in China to join a National General Assembly on August 25th during this tournament .

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