Helsinki Open  |  Games (83)
Finland, Helsinki, September 2008 (09-20 - 09-21), Taraguchi rule

This years Helsinki Open 2008 event will be held at 20.-21.9.2008.

Helsinki Open has traditionally been a two-day weekend tournament with a very relaxed atmosphere. We have booked a beach house about 20 min car ride from the city centre for the weekend (the same one we used last years HO).

We have not agreed with the exact time for the tournament, nor the number of rounds to be played. Normally HO has been 7 rounds with 60 min time control. We might have more rounds and a bit shorter time control to get more games. We will start the first round around noon (12 PM) on Saturday and the tournament should be finished around 6 PM at Sunday. The tournament will be played with Taraguchi rules.

I would be glad to send visa invitations for players interested on joining the event as soon as possible (latest at the end of August so we will not have the same time troubles than with the TWC visas).

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this event and if needed please send me visa invitation information about players interested in participating.



PS. (For players that enjoy poker, I am planning on arranging a game on Friday and Saturday evenings at my place..) :D