IV Russian Championship, First League  |  Games (232)
Russia, Bryansk, November 1995 (11-06 - 11-11), RIF rule

From the 6th to the 11th of November in Briansk, Russia the First League tournament of the 4th Open Russian Championship has been held. 50 participants took part in that competition. There were 47 persons from 16 Russian towns and 3 foreign players: Ants Soosyrv (Tallinn, Estonia), Felix Degtiar and Oleg Ermakov (both from Minsk, Byelorussia).

Tournament system was the Swiss System of 11 rounds. Top ten players got the right to play in the Highest League tournament next year. Here they are:

1. Dmitry Iljin (Elets) 9

2. Dmitry Krasnonosov (Moscow) 8

3. Konstantin Nikonov (Electrostal) 8

4. Oleg Fedorkin (Mytischi) 6 dan -> 7 dan 8

5. Ants Soosyrv (Tallinn) 8

6. Aleksandr Milevsky (Mytischi) 7.5

7. Andrej Martynov (Novokuznetsk) 4 dan -> 5 dan, +27 (!) 7

8. Pavel Makarov (Moscow) 5 dan -> 6 dan, +24 7

9. Vladimir Filinov (St.Petersburg) 7

10. Dmitry Kabanov (Zhiguliovsk) 7

Ants Soosyrv came to Briansk only on the 2nd day of the tournament and, therefore, got two minuses in the first two rounds. And then he lost one game only and got the place in the Highest League.

The next Highest League tournament will be held in Zhiguliovsk (town near Samara) at the end of February. Top six players of the last Highest League have the personal places in the next Highest League tournament:


Æ 1. Nikolaj Mikhailov Æ


2. Pavel Salnikov

3. Stepan Peskov

4. Igor Siniov

5. Stefan Karlsson

6. Mikhail Kozhin

It is decided that nobody will play instead of Nikolaj Mikhailov. The next Highest League will consist of 15 players and it will be given in memory of Kolya.