Petter Gardström

SWE Orbyhus, Sweden

Rank: 6 dan

Gender: Male

Rating: 2563 (48th)

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Petter Gardstrom: "In 1986 I attended a Gomoku tournament arranged by the Uppsala Renju Club in association with the local newspaper.

After playing in several gomoku tournaments around Sweden between 1987-1988 I was introduced to Renju.

By watching I Sundling, F Arkbo and T Andersson analyse theories, I learnt a lot. Training with three of the best Renju players in Sweden with their own individual style was the perfect start for me.

My first Renju tournament was in 1989. Since then I have been attending tournaments every year, except from the time when I lived in U.S.A between WC in Moscow 1991 and WC in Arjeplog 1993.

Uppsala Renju Club has about eight members at the moment. Unfortunally it is now only including two active Renju players. By attending tournaments once in a while Tord Andersson and I keep ourselves updated. The activity within the club could be much better though.

My best result in a national tournament was in 1989 when I managed to take the first place in the Swedish Championship. After this I have placed number two a few times. In 1998 I won the Swedish Cup.

In the swedish qualification tournaments for the WC I've been very successful.

This has taken me to four WC-finals. My best result was in Tallin 1995 were I placed number six.

My rating is 2413 wich puts me on the 33rd place on the international rating list.

I have been lucky to play against a lot of very good renju players. It is hard to say wich one is the best.

Meritee and Nakamura are of course strong candidates. But I always have had difficulties with both Reims and Hasegawa in important games.

I enjoy playing renju because of the excitement it brings. To be totally into an interesting situation. And from that calculate and find the right feeling for doing the right move in that special situation.

Renju also gives you good oppurtunities to travel and experience different places. My wife and son also love travelling and they have as well made some good friends with renju players all over the world. My wife is as well a very good support for me during the long tournaments."

Game statistics
Total number of games 397
Sum of earned points 250 63.0%
Wins 228 57.4%
Wins as black 123 31.0%
Wins as white 105 26.4%
Draws 44 11.1%
Draws as black 21 5.3%
Draws as white 23 5.8%
Losses 125 31.5%
Losses as black 61 15.4%
Losses as white 64 16.1%

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