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Youth World Championship 2004

Ando Meritee 2006-10-23 200KB

World Championship Finals 2005

Ando Meritee 2006-10-21 168.5KB

The 2nd World Youth Renju Championship

Ando Meritee 2006-10-13 128.5KB

The International Qualification Tournament, 2001

Ando Meritee 2006-10-10 37.5KB

The Renju World Championship 2001

Ando Meritee 2006-10-10 138.5KB

My 11 games from WC 2003 and Interview

Ando Meritee 2006-10-08 89.5KB

Team Finland in Team World Championship 2006

Ando Meritee 2006-10-04 108KB