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Title: Players of Swedish Open International Championship
Category: Tournament

Comments: Swedish Open International Championship of Renju in Jönköping in December 1982 was the 1st international tournament of renju. The players standing from left are: Lars B Melin, Stig Werninger, Stefan Jansson, Ola Kårén, Ingvar Sundling and Christer Lorentsson, Jorma Karppinen, Peter Jonsson, Tord Andersson, Tommy Maltell, Ingemar Sundberg, Stefan Möller. The players sitting from left are: Tadayoshi Tanaka (the winner), Tuylushi Hayakawa, Yoshimi Hayakawa and Shoseki Honda. He was 81 then and he defeated all the 3 best Swedish players.He has then visited Sweden 4 times more and he took part in the Kyoto 1200-years jubilee tournament 1994.

Published by Ando Meritee